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  1. I recently left Brilliant for a month or two (sorry I was busy). Before I left, I solved a few 2200 problems. When I came back, they were about 1750-1800. What happened?

  2. Before I left Brilliant, I posted a lot of level 5 NT problems. They all started out at 2050. Today, I posted a new one, and it started at 2118. What happened?

Note by Alex Segesta
3 years ago

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I think as more people solve the problem correctly, the rating goes down. Asher Joy · 3 years ago

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@Asher Joy I remember this being about 2050 https://brilliant.org/community-problem/fibonacci/?group=CqQWYWoZHOzW Alex Segesta · 3 years ago

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@Alex Segesta And this used to be 1750 https://brilliant.org/community-problem/its-almost-2014/?group=q8W4tYTb4vQs Alex Segesta · 3 years ago

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