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I was wondering how one can increase rating beyond a fixed value. What would that fixed value be approx. for mechanics or EM ? Also how can one find the current highest in the topic or your own rank ?

Note by Rohit Shah
2 years ago

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There is no theoretical limit (either upper or lower bound) on the rating of a problem, or of a member. However, in order to get an insanely high topic rating, you need to work on insanely high problem ratings.

You can find your rank and rating on the stats page.

We do not disclose who has the highest rating in a topic. Calvin Lin Staff · 2 years ago

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@Calvin Lin How do we find who has the highest rating in a topic? Marc Vince Casimiro · 2 years ago

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@Calvin Lin Is anything above 99.5 percentile rounded off to 100 ? Then how would someone come to know their rank at high percentile Rohit Shah · 2 years ago

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There's no fixed limit. I tried pulling my Calculus rating less than around 220, and failed. It so happens that after you reach a very high/low rating, even the 400 point and 10 point problems aren't enough high/low to affect your ratings! Satvik Golechha · 2 years ago

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@Satvik Golechha Exactly so what's the high limit when 400 points qns gives you no increase on level you said the low level is 220 so what's the equivalent high limit ? Rohit Shah · 2 years ago

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@Rohit Shah I have reached 2690 in algebra other's have reached higher rating as well. Ronak Agarwal · 1 year, 11 months ago

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