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Recurrences with modulo

Is there any specific way to solve recurrence of form (example):

\[f(x) = (a \cdot f(x-1) + c) \bmod{r}\] (when recurrence involves modulo).

For recurrence without modular arithmetic I could use generating function method (multiply by \(x^n\), sum, manipulate terms and so on) and often solve it in simple way. Could I somehow exploit information about recurrence solution without modulo to solve recurrence with modulo?

Note by Santiago Hincapie
1 year ago

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Well, we can solve it as \( f(x) = a f(x-1) + c \), and then apply the \( \pmod{r} \) at the end right?

Check out linear recurrence relations to show that \( f(x) = A a^{n-1} + \frac{ c(a^n-1)} { a-1} \). Calvin Lin Staff · 1 year ago

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