do you think your interests and disinterests depend on your brain ??? a sane person,s reply will always be YES!!! obvious!! but does that affect anything else??? Have you people observed a factor TIME which is changed with respect to the thing you experiment or observe.........translation to a commoner i referred experiment as spending time with anyone.. and observing as watching/listening something.........for instance when you watch your favorite movie 3 hours seems to be less than a hour for you because you go deep into the story line or something attracts you more than your valuable asset "time". but when you listen to boredom lectures it seems that the professor has infinite energy to teach you even though hardly 10 minutes of the period has my point is IS BRAIN CREATING A WAVE WHICH INTERFERES WITH AN IMAGINARY TIME WAVE IN A CONSTRUCTIVE/DESTRUCTIVE WAY ACCORDING TO THEIR PHASE(WHICH WE MISUNDERSTAND BY THE TERM MOOD??

Note by Aravindh D Schrösolver
4 years, 11 months ago

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iseverything isrelativeto allof us

Rahul Pandit - 4 years, 8 months ago

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