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Replace with prizes

I logged in on clicking the Brazilian mathematics link on Brilliant homepage. After doing so I found the challenges were the same intended for this week by Brilliant. Below the points displayed there is a link which says "Replace with prizes". I was pondering over whether to click it or not for if I click it I would lose something or something might happen. Can anyone explain me all this is meant actually for whom and how will it go on ?

Note by Nishant Sharma
4 years ago

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When you log in to the site from the Brazilian Mathematics page it automatically changes your language to Portugese. What I believe happened is your google browser then translated the page back into English. It chose to translate our Portugese version of "points exchange" to "prize replacement." Clicking that link would merely take you to the points exchange and nothing scary would happen. Peter Taylor Staff · 4 years ago

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@Peter Taylor Ohh. I was worrying for nothing. TY. Nishant Sharma · 4 years ago

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Even more surprising is that now when I login with the original way, what I used to do before the sccount gets opened in the Brazilian Pre-College Mathematics Competition format. Can I revert back to my previous dashboard ? Nishant Sharma · 4 years ago

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@Nishant Sharma You can also change the language settings by scrolling to the bottom of the page, and clicking the languages tab. Peter Taylor Staff · 4 years ago

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@Nishant Sharma Click this link and change your language. Aditya Parson · 4 years ago

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