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Results Of BROW!

I am sorry for the delayed declaration of the results. Have been busy with my exams.

Anyway Here are the results.

Drum Roll

The winner is:- Parth Lohomi with a total of 7 upvotes.

The 1St Runners-up is Pranay Singh with a total of 5 upvotes.

And, The second runners-up is Azhaghu Roopesh M with a Total Of 5 upvotes but he came in third because of 3 Downvotes (Hard Luck!)

I Heartily Congratulate all the winners.

Make sure you check out all the riddles posted by others here .


Note by Mehul Arora
2 years ago

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Congratulations @Parth Lohomi and PranaySingh .

Pranay ,sorry I'm not able to @mention you since there are 4-5 people who share their name with you . Azhaghu Roopesh M · 2 years ago

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@Azhaghu Roopesh M Thanks! \(\ddot\smile\) Parth Lohomi · 2 years ago

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@Parth Lohomi
your Riddle was really nice Pranay Singh · 2 years ago

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Congrats @Parth Lohomi @PranaySingh and @Azhaghu Roopesh M ! Mehul Arora · 2 years ago

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@Mehul Arora Thanks @Mehul Arora :)

Btw @Parth Lohomi , do you plan on revealing your answer now or are you waiting for someone to figure it out ? Azhaghu Roopesh M · 2 years ago

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