Returned - (7.7)

We enter the eternity's gate.

"Wait, are we at the abandoned underground again? At least the time turned back 12 hours."

"This time, it is worse. Where is the locomotive? We are standing at the station, where half of the lights didn't even work anymore."

"There's the train. It's advancing towards us."

The train stops at the station. The door automatically opens. We stepped in.

"Hello. Is anyone here? We know you do not want to talk to strangers, but we can start a conversation so we can know more about you. And we can be friends!"

"There must be that one person on the train. Do you know who?"

"The motorman! We will not distract him much. That would be harmful and dangerous."

"Wait, aren't they you, younger with different clothes but the same expressions, happy and content?"

"Hello there! Great to see you here. And transportations are so innovated and pleasant here."

"Well, the London's steam-hauled Metropolitan Railway was invented in 1863 and marked the beginning of rapid transit. The experience was unpleasant despite having ventilation."

"And now, approximately 1.35 million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes. And road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for children and young adults aged 5-29 years. So it never has been an innovated and pleasant experience here."

"But do you remember when you were first taken by your parents to the railway station or the airport? Do you remember how much fun you had sitting on the edge of your seat and looking out the window?"

"It would have been like that if my parent didn't pass away."

"And I didn't even have parents. I would travel from city to city to find somewhere I can call home. Until someone noticed me walking in the rain and sent me to an orphanage."

"And because of the reasons we talked about, teleportation is what we always dream to have."

"Trust us. Teleportation is uninteresting, and the chance of a person surviving after teleporting is arbitrary zero. You should keep commuting to further places by trains and planes."

"This railway is going to shut down today. Personal transportation is more convenient than public transportation."

"And it speeds up the rate of glacial melting."

"I couldn't argue more."

"That's why humanity is on the brink of extinction."

"Then why are you discoursing to us? You could communicate the United Nations right now."

"We are not one individual. Some of us are on the way to the headquarters. Anyway, are you ready?"

"For what?"

"Here're your binoculars. Goodbye!"

"What for?"

"Let me look. Wait, where is the aqueduct?"

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