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Saving Stats on Vacation?

Can we save our statistics and levels if we are on vacation? I dropped 2 levels in NT just because I was on vacation.

Note by Sunay Joshi
4 years ago

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As stated in the FAQ

We will only level you down if you keep getting problems incorrect over the course of 2 weeks. Don't worry; viewing and not answering problems will not cause you to level down, nor will taking a break from Brilliant. In general, we believe it is better for you to have a few easy questions, a few medium questions, and a bunch of questions that push you, rather than a whole problem set where you completely flounder.

We believe that students who want to take a vacation would still be interested in viewing the problems, and hence we do not penalize simply for viewing the problems. However, once you start answering problems, we no longer consider it as a 'vacation', and the leveling system takes over. I see that you have been consistently answering (at least 1) problems over the past few weeks, and getting several wrong resulted in the level down. If you didn't answer any of the questions, you would not have leveled down.

Calvin Lin Staff - 4 years ago

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