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hello staff members today m solve \boxed{3} problem in algebra and m get \boxed{300} points according to this \boxed{300} point are added in mine algebra collection but there only \boxed{25} points are added but is this please say about this ........ and in number theory m solve \boxed{1} problem and get \boxed{100} points but only \boxed{5} points are added in my collection please sir say about this what is this

Note by Manoj Kumar
3 years ago

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Hi Manoj, can you explain a little bit more? You don't need to use Latex. Silas Hundt Staff · 3 years ago

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helllo sir one thing i can't understand how level up now . Earlier solve all problem right in set level up . Now how level up ???????????????????????? Manoj Kumar · 3 years ago

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@Manoj Kumar You level up by getting problems right in a topic. You can go to the levels page to understand. Silas Hundt Staff · 3 years ago

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