So Do You Think that Brilliant its still "Brilliant"???

Hi guys,i think that Brilliant is no more 'brilliant' like before....the old format was much better.....but still if brilliant cannot be back with old format then some edits should be made in the present format as follows...

1.There should Not be more than 10 problems per topic for a week. At least two problems in every topic should be written by the challenge masters

2.There should be a separate leaderboard for every topic showing the top 50 scores

3.Top 3 scores at the end of every Month should be awarded with some prizes like brilliant lanyard and T-Shirts.

4.Solutions to the questions shall be displayed d next week only.

5.Brilliant should organize a competition after every 3 months(if they want)

Users may also give there opinion......

Note by Anubhav Singh
4 years, 2 months ago

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I am not sure about third, fourth and fifth of your points. But I strongly agree with your first point and second point looks good to me. Actually I had started a bog also where people can give thier opinions about the new format, but after some time responses stoped. I really love the old format.

Snehal Shekatkar - 4 years, 2 months ago

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