Solution writing annoyances

It would be great if you could have more flexibility with solution writing.

  • It would be great if we could edit our solution AFTER publishing, because mistakes happen even if you are very careful. Right now it is annoying to add "EDIT" comments, and makes the solution less readable in case of mistakes.
  • It is annoying that once we put the solution "private" you can't undo that. Or the other way around. Maybe you chose one option or the other by mistake. So the ability to change the privacy of the solution would be nice.
  • It is even more annoying that we can't write solutions after we read other's solutions. Maybe you come with a much better, clean and simple solution after reading other's solutions, and you want to share it with the world. I've seen a lot of solutions inside the comments because of this, so it isn't very organized. I propose we have the ability to post solutions after reading OR at least have a warning that we will not be able to post new solutions after reading.

Note by Isaí Vázquez
5 years ago

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Hi Isaí,

All of these restrictions are in place to make it fair for people who are submitting solutions, so that their are not influenced by other solutions that have already been submitted when submitting their own solution.

We are considering allowing a single edit of a solution in the future, but haven't gotten around to making the change yet.

Silas Hundt Staff - 5 years ago

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Thanks for the reply :)

I understand the reasons, and with this it would make sense to add a little warning before publishing or before reading other's solutions. Something in the spirit of "If you read other's solutions, you won't be able to write your own solution, are you sure you want to continue?". But still, at least we should be able to change the privacy of your solution, since it has to be written before reading other's solutions it doesn't hurt anyway.

Isaí Vázquez - 5 years ago

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I agree with the second point but not with the first and third points.

Soham Dibyachintan - 5 years ago

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In response to your third point, you can comment on solutions, which gives you the opportunity to suggest an alternative and cleaner method. This way you can help other members of the brilliant community to understand different methods of getting to a solution

Callum Schafer - 5 years ago

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