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solving problem involving algebraic expression

To pay for all 3 morals, Joe,Norman,and felix went to a restaurant:Joe's moral=x-3 pesos Norman=y,squared - z pesos Felix=27-,w,cubed pesos Joe handed a 1000-peso bill to the cashier? But the cashier said to be sir you gave only 2 percent of the total cost of three meals.

q1.without considering what the cashier said,give an alg. expression that represents the total cost of three meals in terms of w,x,y,and z. sol: x-3 + y squared - z + 27 - w cubed divided by 2-answer q2.based on the cashier's remart,give an alg. expession. for the cost of three meals of 2 only. sol;2(3)=6/2=3 1000*0.2=200 200\3=67 q3.How much additional money(in terms of 2)meet joe have to give to the cashier? i dont know the ans wer in question 3 but pls. state the correct answer and check all of my solutions in q1 and q2 whether it is correct or wrong pls . state the answer... thank you!!!!

Note by Adrian Delos Santos
4 years, 1 month ago

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