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Something's wrong with the Techniques Trainer

Yesterday, i saw Olympiad and Geometry section was added to the Trainer , just for reading, probably, the problems will be added a quite later. But today, the Geometry section vanished. I wanted to read the one on Venn Diagrams . Is something wrong, or its just happening as Brilliant staff is developing it.

Note by Garvil Singhal
4 years ago

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We have been in the process of moving all of the content from the Brilliant blog, into our main site so that the posts can have a tighter integration with our problem solving experience. We have been playing around with how to organize them, so things have been changing around and likely will continue to do so. Peter Taylor Staff · 4 years ago

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Also, why there aren't any questions in Olympiad Techniques Trainer??????? Garvil Singhal · 4 years ago

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@Garvil Singhal They are coming:) Peter Taylor Staff · 4 years ago

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Venn diagrams are listed under the 'combinatorics' part of the Olympiad section Brian Reinhart · 4 years ago

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They probably changed something with it. Venn diagrams aren't the most useful thing, anyway. Justin Wong · 4 years ago

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