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Speed and Time

If you had read my problem, Sheep Speed, you would have read my formula \(S=\frac {v_1 + v_2}{1 + \frac {v_1 * v_2}{c^2}}\). This is the actual formula to find the combined speed, rather than just \(S=v_1 + v_2\) because of the fact that the faster you go, the slower time passes. This was proven by Albert Einstein through his theory of relativity. To give you an example, say there are two lasers pointed towards each other. According to \(S=v_1 + v_2\), these lasers would be coming towards each other at twice the speed of light, which is currently impossible. But, if you use the equation \(S=\frac {v_1 + v_2}{1 + \frac {v_1 * v_2}{c^2}}\), you would get an answer of the speed of light.

The reason people don't use this formula is because the difference is so minute that it hardly changes the answer. Also, people can be too lazy to learn about this. A physics misconception cleared up.

Note by Sharky Kesa
3 years, 9 months ago

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It was really informative!! Viraj Mohile · 3 years, 9 months ago

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