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Sometimes, I work really hard on a certain problem, but I don't manage to solve it. I want to request the ability to star it (or something similar) so the solution will be mailed to me when it's available. I know that I could check manually, but I often forget to do this. Also, having all solutions being mailed to me every week is not really an alternative, as I don't try to solve the problems every week. I hope this makes sense.

Edit: Also, it would be a great way to keep a list of problems you love! :)

Note by Tim Vermeulen
5 years ago

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print "hello world"
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We have been kicking around the idea of the possibility of in the future having a "favorite problems" section of your profile where you could store favorite problems. Possibly also store drafts for solutions or discussions comments where you could practice your Latex. If we built something like that we could probably design some feature that alerts you when there is a solution to a favorite problem of yours, maybe have an alert on your profile page.

We wouldn't want to overcrowd your email inbox, but if people wanted an email alert we could set that up.

Peter Taylor Staff - 5 years ago

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