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Strategy game promotion... unlike anything else I've ever played!

For anyone who cares to see this, I challenge you to a game!

'The game' is a strategy turn-based iOS board game which is free to download, called Outwitters. It has a beautifully simple and unique concept installed into it, but currently I, and all the guys in the OneManLeft forums (http://www.onemanleft.com/forums/) are painfully awaiting the day when the game will become obsolete. It was once App of the Week and launched in 2012. Its developers, OneManLeft, are and indie company who care about and support the community. However the players are dwindling out of love for this game, I would like to share it with a community who may or may not be interested and keep the game alive. Did I ever mention that the graphics are just so well-designed? It's a feat to be recognised when you consider OneManLeft is solely owned and operated by two men, albeit geniuses: Adam and Alex.

The concept is seemingly simple: Firstly, the board is hexagonal. You and your opponent each have a base, at 5 health. Your goal is to attack and finish off your opponent's base. Next, there are spawn points. You can spawn one new unit per turn per spawn point. Some large maps have two.

The game is controlled with wits. You get five per turn no matter what. It costs one wit to move a unit and one to attack. If you kill a unit you get +1 wit. It also costs wits to spawn new units. The better ones cost more. Then there are bonus wit spaces, dubbed wit spaces. On turn one, they are grey. If you move a unit onto it, it will turn your colour. For 1v1 that's either red or blue. Each wit spaces gives you +1 wit the next turn. If you step off the wit space once it has turned your colour it will continue providing extra wits. If your enemy moves a unit onto your wit space, it will turn grey. If their unit stays on for an extra turn, it will become theirs. You get seven pieces; and you can only see what pieces your opponent has as far as your units can move. The dark spaces are dubbed Fog of War.

Lastly, you are ranked. There are five leagues (least skilled-these people are geniuses): Fluffy, Clever, Gifted, Master, Super-Titan. You have 5 placement matches once you start the game. These determine your league. If you beat someone chances are the next opponent you play will be tougher, and vice versa. Every week OneManLeft compiles a top 100 list which you can view in the game (top 15 only) or in the forums.

There are inn-app purchases but you can play the game perfectly fine without paying. OneManLeft go for fan dedication, not forced payment in order to enjoy the game. That's the briefing. Please check it out if you think you'll be interested, and remember that only the ones with the serious smarts can make it top places in Super Titan!

If you want to check out some more before downloading (it's free, just takes a while to download :3) go to the fan-made website - (courtesy of Codepenguin) http://osn.codepenguin.com/replays - where you can watch replays of games (anyone can upload their replays onto this website). Be sure to check out Super Titan replays. Some of them are so beautiful that you either sit there with a big monkey grin on your face or end up crying because it's so perfect.

Note by Cindy Wu
2 years, 10 months ago

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