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Struggling to find the answer to this.


My Dad showed me this that he found on Facebook, everyone has different answers on this.

I even changed my answer plenty of times but I think I'll stick with -25

5-5x5+5=? 5-(25)+5 = 5-30 = -25 However my friends say it's -15 5-5x5+5=? 5-(25)+5=-20+5 =-15 I thought so too at one point.

Am I right or wrong?

Note by Massi Mushfiq
3 years ago

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Remember, the rules for order of operations require that we perform operations in the following order:

  1. Anything in parentheses, then
  2. exponents, then
  3. multiplication and division, in order from left to right, then
  4. addition and subtraction, in order from left to right.

Thus, \(5 - 5 \times 5 + 5 = -15\) Rahmat Hidayat · 1 year, 7 months ago

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