Suggest me some textbooks please~!

I have so much trouble in these topics, especially algebra. (even though I'm lvl 5):


  • Linear algebra
  • Proving inequalities (every single theorem)
  • Polynomials, functional equations and analysis
  • Trigonometry and complex numbers (from basic to advanced)
  • Sequences and series


  • Pigeonhole principle (my brain is like a pigeon in this topic)
  • Colouring techniques
  • Generating functions


  • Trilinear coordinates and barycentric coordinates
  • Triangle centers
  • Special stuffs of a triangle (Pedal triangle, 9-point circle, etc)

Number Theory

  • Modular arithmetic (especially Chinese Remainder Theorem)
  • Theorems about prime numbers

I'm starting to do some coding and stuffs, can you suggest me which coding language is easier, and what website I can learn coding?

Thank you!

Note by Samuraiwarm Tsunayoshi
4 years ago

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Basic Mathematics - Lang

Geometry - Lang

The geometry books - Kiselev are Planimetry and Stereometry

Geometry - Jacobs (get the 1st or 2nd edition)

Algebra - Gelfand

Trigonometry - Gelfand

Precalculus - Sullivan

Functions and Graphs - Gelfand

Plane Trigonometry - Loney

The Elements of Coordinate Geometry - Loney

Intermediate Algebra - Sullivan

Geometry for the Practical Man - Thompson

Algebra - Welchons and Krickenberger

Principles of mathematics - Oakley and Allendoerfer (this book contains high school mathematics but also abstract algebra and calculus)

The Art of Problem Solving books

The NCERT books used in India

The GCSE/IGCSE and AS/A level books used in UK

Number Theory

An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers - Hardy, Wright

A Classical Introduction to Modern Number Theory - Ireland, Rosen -

Elementary Number Theory -Jones

This list is by ShivamS

Agnishom Chattopadhyay Staff - 4 years ago

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Wow that's a lot! Thank you!!!

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For Geometry, I would suggest "Geometry Revisited"

Sean Ty - 4 years ago

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Love this book! Thank you!!!

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I also need help in Combinatorics!

Kartik Sharma - 4 years ago

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I can recommend codecademy for programming. The best way to learn programming is by doing it.

Agnishom Chattopadhyay Staff - 4 years ago

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better than Khan Academy's programming? I mean, all I've learned in first two hours is how to move a rectangles and ellipses and color them and stuff

John Muradeli - 4 years ago

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i agree with you @John Muradeli khan programming is not the best

Mardokay Mosazghi - 4 years ago

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Lol my head exploded twice during my python class (just completed pyglatin and almost lost hope of doing python XD)

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For linear algebra, Anton & Rorres is highly recommended. Strang's book also comes highly recommended.

For generating functions, Wilf's GeneratingFunctionology is the go-to book.

I will go against the grain here and recommend Wildberger's Divine Proportions if you like to learn more about geometry from an affine perspective; he goes into more detail when talking about triangle centres & general triangle geometry. If you're looking for a challenge, his joint work with Le in this stuff may interest you.

I could go on and on, but with really basic stuff like this I think formal training would be better suited for you.

Gennady Notowidigdo - 1 month, 1 week ago

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