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Summer programs in Mathematics (2017)

Hey everyone! Do you want to spend your summer holidays differently and immerse yourself in the wilderness of Math? A series of 5-day National level Residential Summer Programs in Mathematics, covering a range of fascinating topics like Algebra and Geometry, is being organized by the School of Vedic Mathematics in collaboration with the Chinmaya International Foundation every year since 2010 during April and May in India. The camps are open to anyone falling under the respective age groups who has a passion for Mathematics. The camps serve as a portal for honing logical reasoning and problem solving skills. These are just the right places to cherish yourself with unforgettable experiences and quench your Mathematical appetite. These summer camps, jubilant with activities and group discussions, help unify all the minds sharing the same zeal for the subject. For further details and questions, please contact Shri Vinay Nair, the Head of the School of Vedic Mathematics at contact@sovm.org.

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