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Some of you might have noticed a few new things about your upper left sidebar. We have made some recent changes that we hope will:

  • Allow a greater diversity of problems and notes on Brilliant to find an audience.
  • Provide more power to our members to arbitrate on what is good and what is not.
  • Allow posts on Brilliant to self-organize and be more discoverable.

The topics in your sidebar have been changed to their corresponding tags. Instead of only being able to easily access posts that fall within our official topics, you can now save any tag to your sidebar. Whenever you tag a problem, note, or set, it appears in that tag and the page of any other tag that you designate.

To add a tag to your sidebar, you can visit any tag page and click the "add" link next to the tag header:



Your sidebar can have whatever you want in it!

This is what my sidebar looks like:



There are a few different ways to view a tag page. You can filter your problems by the level of your choice, and you can also choose to view by popular, or all.



All displays everything within that tag, while popular only displays notes, problems and sets that have received significant likes and reshares.

You will notice that you can only get ratings in the main topics, as opposed to in all tags. The "official" tags look like this:



While all other tags look like this:



Unfortunately, we will probably never let you level up in the tags #IntroduceYourself or #JustForFun. However, if Brilliant grows to host lots of problems in something like #MicroEconomics, we would consider letting ratings apply to it. In the future, we intend to make suitable tags into official tags as communities blossom around them. Currently we have #Chemistry and #Biology in the "official tags" section, but you cannot get a level in those tags yet as there is not quite enough activity in them to make having a level meaningful.

The explore section still exists where you can see the full river of everything new coming into Brilliant. Remember, liking and resharing plays a crucial role in determining what problems get solved on Brilliant. So please everyone, don't be shy about liking and resharing the things you enjoy on Brilliant. It helps the community identify what problems people similar to you should solve and helps our creators find audiences for their ideas.

Let us know what you think about the new sidebar, as you start to play with it's possibilities.

Note by Peter Taylor
3 years, 5 months ago

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Can you please who's sets should I solve in order to level up my rating in different topics.

Anuj Shikarkhane - 3 years, 3 months ago

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