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Thank You Brilliant!

On 9th March 2016 (yesterday) it had been 2 years for me on Brilliant.So following the noble tradition of Yuxuan Seah and Trevor Arashiro ,I've also decided to post a note for the community.

I found Brilliant in the March of 2014.You see, I had participated in the IKMC that year, and I was surfing the web to find some website on which I could practice. That's when I found this website.

It wasn't like any Maths website I had ever seen before. Here was a community of people of all ages interested in Maths and actively solving problems and whose mathematical skills were far superior to my own. At first I had around Level 2-3 skills. I was simply overawed;I had never seen such difficult Level 4-5 problems before.

So I started learning. I started to practice almost daily on Brilliant.I learnt about concepts I had never been taught.It was definitely a new experience;never before had I been so passionate about a subject so much that it became a hobby rather than something to be studied.I remember that I was so attached to Brilliant and to Mathematics in general that the first thing I would do after coming home from school was to turn on the laptop and start solving math problems here.

When 3 people followed me, I was awestruck; someone had actually followed me! I also remember solving my first Level 4 problem.I recall I was SO HAPPY. Seriously,it felt like a pretty big accomplishment.I remember I kept posting a solution to almost every problem I came across.I just kept posting and posting and posting....

But the happiest moment for me on Brilliant came when I opened my email and saw that Calvin Sir had asked me to become a moderator. That was the happiest moment ever. Literally.Of course I accepted. It's the least I could do for all the help I received from this site. I remember I kept jumping in the house shouting to everyone,"I'm a mod! I'm a mod!!!"

I can't believe it's been 2 years. I cannot thank you guys enough to account for how much this site has helped me.I have met many wonderful, intelligent and awesome people such as Sualeh Asif, Daniel Liu, Xuming Liang, Michael Mendrin, Chew-Seong Cheong, Brian Charlesworth, Otto Bretscher,Rajdeep Dhingra,Mehul Arora,Nihar Mahajan,Sharky Kesa,Krishna Ar,Satvik Golechha and of course the Brilliant.org staff who work everyday to keep the site running. .There are many more but if I would list them all the Brilliant server would crash :P

Practicing on Brilliant has taught me resilience and persistence.

Being a moderator has given me a sense of responsibility.

And I've also made many friends here whom I will always cherish.

I would like to end this note by saying that

\[\Huge{\text{Brilliant is truly}}\] \[\Huge{\color{Blue}{B}\color{Red}{R}\color{Green}{I}\color{Orange}{LL}\color{Yellow}{A}\color{Purple}{N}\color{Black}{T}}\]

Note by Abdur Rehman Zahid
1 year ago

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Thank you for the mention bro! Yes , Brilliant is the bestest* site on the whole internet. Nihar Mahajan · 1 year ago

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@Nihar Mahajan You deserved it, if only for the sheer number of times you made me laugh on Slack :P Abdur Rehman Zahid · 1 year ago

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@Abdur Rehman Zahid ..ping Nihar Mahajan · 1 year ago

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@Nihar Mahajan Haha that never gets old XD.

pong Abdur Rehman Zahid · 1 year ago

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Hahaha following my tradition? What an honour! xD Thanks for the mention too :) And congrats! Wish you all the best! Yuxuan Seah · 1 year ago

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Guys can someone please tell me who a moderator is ???.... And Btw Congrats Abdur!!! Abc Xyz · 1 year ago

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Congratulations Bro ! Keep solving questions.. Aditya Sky · 12 months ago

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I hope all of us keep improving and yhe community keeps improving!

Great work AbdurRehman Sualeh Asif · 1 year ago

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Congo on completing two years! Keep solving and posting solutions! \(\ddot\smile\) Sravanth Chebrolu · 1 year ago

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@Sravanth Chebrolu I'm planning on doing that for a long time. Abdur Rehman Zahid · 1 year ago

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You desrved to be a moderator @Abdur Rehman Zahid ,you are brilliant. Ashish Siva · 1 year ago

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@Ashish Siva Thank you!!! Just feels great to be a part of this community. Abdur Rehman Zahid · 1 year ago

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@Abdur Rehman Zahid Yeah,though I am not a moderator, I too feel good to be a part of brilliant. I really enjoy posting questions, solutions and examples. Ashish Siva · 1 year ago

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