Thanks For 500 Followers!

I joined Brilliant about a year ago, and the reason I joined was to solve some other maths problems. Then I decided I could post some problems as well, so I posted my first problem, The 3 Villagers. It got quite some views and solvers who posted solutions, so I started posting more questions. At that time I had about 20 followers.

It wasn't until I posted Escape From The Well, the views and solutions posted started exploding. Maths enthusiasts were arguing if the answer was 39 or 38 days. I am very impressed that the question grabbed so much attention. Currently Escape From The Well has about 60000 views, 45000 attempts and 30000 solvers.

I started posting more questions but none have had beaten Escape From The Well. Taking a short break but I will be back to post more.

And finally, thank you all for 500 followers!

Note by Anthony Teo
4 years ago

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Wow! 100 followers from a single problem + 995 likes and 457 reshares damn! It would be much more than all my problems in total LOL! (+1 reshare from my side :))

Ps: please rate your problems(level it and place under suitable topic) so that they also gets popular :)

Krishna Sharma - 4 years ago

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Congrats @Anthony Teo !!

Harsh Shrivastava - 4 years ago

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Congrats! Keep it up :)

Calvin Lin Staff - 4 years ago

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@Anthony Teo - The thing is, you have so many followers because we can all relate to the questions you write as they reflect on real-life situations. Keep it up!

William Huang - 1 year, 9 months ago

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