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The best way to learn Mathematics?

Hey everybody! I was just wondering, what's the most efficient way to learn mathematics? I find mathematics quite interesting, but somehow don't know where to start from. I am just a beginner in Olympiad level mathematics. So can you please give me some advice about what and how to study math?

Thank you!

Note by Vikram Waradpande
4 years ago

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Take a class on mathematical thinking and logic too. If you're interested in free classes I've taken one called "Introduction to Mathematical Thinking" on Coursera.org. Stephanie Hadley · 4 years ago

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you can start with elementary mathematics by G.dorfeev Shailendra Garg · 4 years ago

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me too Danny Casey Best 1 · 4 years ago

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Me toooo Parag Mundhada · 4 years ago

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