The entrance is blocked - (7.8)

"Look behind you. There is something you need to check out."

"When did they do all of this?"

"I don't know. Wait, there is instruction under the square."

"Cut this square into 8 pieces then rearrange the pieces to a magic square."

"What's a magic square?"

"Here's a site you need to read before solving this problem."

"Thanks. Also, how are we going to cut this square when it literally obstructed our way to the entrance? I need to jump out of this train."

Well, we can reconstruct the square then solve the problem. They provided us with some paper. I hope they're not poisonous, or venomous."

"What is the difference between poisonous and venomous?"

"Poisonous applies to organisms that unload toxins when you consume them, while venomous is applied to organisms inject their toxins by a bite or a sting."

"But how does solving the problem going to help the aqueduct reappear?"

"Let me try cutting the square into 8 pieces then put 2 pieces together."

"Let me take the binoculars." - "2 of the 8 pieces of the aqueduct is floating, but not to the right place! That's magical!"

"How much time did it take for them to do all of this? It's so gorgeous that I don't want to take a second to look away or take a photo."

"Do you remember that our train is moving towards the waterfall? We are going to die, that is the one fact that you need to remember, then erase right away to focus on the problem."

"I've already solved it."

"Thanks, now I need to know how."

Note by Thành Đạt Lê
7 months, 1 week ago

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Now I know there is one more person to read my stories. Thanks!

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