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The Impossible Bet...

Suppose you and 99 others (making a total of 100) are playing a game of gamble with me. You all will give me $1 each, and I will place each dollar in a separate box (Like first $1 in box 1, second $1 in box 2 and so on). Next, I will place these boxes in a room which has one entry way and one exit way and jumble up the boxes. Now, each one of you have to enter the room and search for the box that contains your dollar. If you find your dollar, I will give back $101 (your $1 + $100 prize) to each one of you, but if you lose, I will keep all your dollars. The condition is you have only 50 peeks into the boxes (no more than that) and also you cannot tell the others anything about the boxes. All of you must find your boxes. You'll lose even if one fails to do so.

How will you do it?

(It's not original) Here's the video link of the question, please don't cheat (as answer is published)


Note by Vaibhav Kandwal
2 years, 9 months ago

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