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The New Wiki Option and my doubts about it

I had recently created a wiki on Extended Body Dynamics. However, after creating the wiki, I didn't know how to access the wiki again, without typing the address. Also, I do not know how to access wikis, which do not belong to any of the subjects I have tagged.

Now, I personally feel that under the classification of Mechanics, extended bodies and rotational dynamics do not belong to any of the sub-categories already allocated in Mechanics. Thus, if I make a set of wikis on the topic, would it become a separate sub-category.

Finally, can I make a set of wikis on specific topics and share them with my followers?

Note by Nanayaranaraknas Vahdam
3 years ago

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Great question. Currently, staff looks at all incoming wikis and figures out where they should be linked. Someone will likely decide which Mechanics section your page belongs in within the next couple of days. Eventually, we will give users the ability to suggest a place for it, and make the approval process much faster.

The only way currently to share a wiki is to link to it from a Note. We are working to improve this as well so that it's easier to directly share a wiki.

Suyeon Khim Staff - 3 years ago

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Thank you!

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