the Quantum Electrodynamics

Quantum Electrodynamics is a subject in which a physicist called R.Feynman did think of. First, this weird theory came as a logic, probable theory. Then, it became a part of Quantum Mechanics. But why do these guys explain electromagnetism by exchanging particles of light. It DOESN'T make sense. Only mathematics dominates in this field.

Then why believe!!!

But Here, I explained these forces in terms of deformations in fields and it explains almost all effects (including Inertia!!!) with good simplicity. Nothing else. But, using this I got most formulae same as the one explained in quantum theory.

found another equation on the net: Which you might have learned, This is an equation called the 'point charge' I found the relation between the newton's law of gravitation and this equation. All other variables are same, but only the constants are different... Another thing is that "Electromagnetic waves travel through space at the speed of light and so are gravitational waves" That means, space contains something that helps objects to interact with other objects i.e. gravitational force is caused by the curved geometry of spacetime. Mass is another but interaction with space itself-and now its found that the massless higgs boson is responsible for it. And so, in the same way, electromagnetic charges does so... And all other fundamental forces need their own particles and geometries in spacetime...

In this sense, then we can conclude that both Electromagnetic waves and gravitational waves are both the effects of spacetime itself... and it shows that an electric charge can 'also bend' space in another perspective. This is like picturing empty space as an ocean, and both electromagnetic waves and gravitational waves travel as a sound wave in it at a constant speed


Note by Nirmala Kale
6 years, 11 months ago

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Sorry for being late !! But can you tell more about the curved geometry of space time .

Gaurav Jain - 6 years, 4 months ago

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