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The Tedious Problem Depopulariser 2000

If you happen to come across an unnecessarily tedious problem, feel free to leave a link on this note and I will remove it from the popular problems section.

The only rule is that it should be a recent problem, say, in the past few weeks.

Hall of infamy:

[Once enough problems come in, I'll make expand the list of examples. Let me be lazy.]

Note by Jake Lai
2 years ago

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I don't think you should be doing this... Like for the Hall of infamy, the question is meant as a joke and even has a price tagged on the solution. Julian Poon · 2 years ago

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@Julian Poon Poon, I haven't worked out or checked the solution yet, even though I'm pretty sure that the problem, however outrageously complicated, is legit. In spite of the irrational differentiation, which is something I told Muradeli about. Apparently he was a quick study. Michael Mendrin · 2 years ago

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The problem mentioned in the hall of infamy is epic :D I'd rather memorize the value of \(\pi\) upto 500 decimal places than to solve it :D Satyajit Mohanty · 2 years ago

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Are you good with sum? - Here's a Tedious Problem !!! Satyajit Mohanty · 1 year, 10 months ago

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Comment deleted Mar 20, 2016

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@Vishnu Bhagyanath What's the point, though? If it's just tedious, it's testing your patience moreso than your grasp of concepts. Jake Lai · 2 years ago

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@Vishnu Bhagyanath I like the idea of an "Hall of Infamy" problems, all rated "De-popularized". It's kind of like troll problems, except that they wouldn't be. Michael Mendrin · 2 years ago

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