The Theory Of Everything

The more you observe the lesser you get. This has been the case for many decades now that we have validated the big bang by observing the mysterious radio waves which scientist belive was that from the early universe (few moments after the Big Bang). Stephen Hawking of The Brief Histor Of Time fame , at the later half of the 20th century had once told that the world was very near to find a theory of everything. He infact told that from this theory the whole of physics can tell us or even predict the fate of the universe. Thoug we need a child's creativity to tell what infact has started the Big Bang or infact the Time itself, we are more intrested on the fact that there are 4 fundamental forces existing currently ( EM, SN , WN, G). However, we have now realised that for a theory of everything we first have to find out why gravitational force is very very weak as compared to other forces ( about 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times weaker). The most modern view now is that infact the unvirse should have 11 dimensions! What may come up tomorrow is a mystery and yesterday is a history. All we can do now is that gasp at the skies and wonder why Gravity is so weaker than all the other forces after the creation of the universe. Remember, your thinking may even change the whole view of the world. Your thinking may infact win us " The Theory Of Everything".


Note by Guru Karthick
5 years ago

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Can you guys tell me the theory that supports 11 dimensions in the universe?

Guru Karthick - 5 years ago

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