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Earth's revolution

Why earth revolves only around the sun why not revolves around the moon or jupiter?

Note by Puneet Kumar Rajan
4 years ago

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do you know about this equation?

\(\frac{GMm}{r^{2}}\)(Newton's equation)

\(M_{sun}=1.8981 \times 10^{30}\)

\(M_{moon}=~7.3 \times 10^{23}\)

\(M_{jupiter}=1.89 \times 10^{27}\)

\(r_{sun-earth}=149.6 \times 10^{11}\)


\(r_{jupiter-earth}=~666.9 \times 10^{11}\)

Calculate all these and you will find why.

Fahad Shihab - 4 years ago

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