Time is Unreal

Have you ever wondered that time actually doesnot exist. It is just a concept as far as our sensory or intellectual abilities are capable to perceive.

On an abstract Level, Days and Years are mere relative time pereptions of the Earth's Rotation and Revolution.

On a more minute level, Atomic Clocks operate. Although we can now control atomic clocks which are accurate to the scale of 1/(1,000,000,000) Seconds, which is Extraordinary, still they are keeping relative time. Relative to electrons jumping between high and low energy states.

Thus the concept of Time Travel is just a fiction as time itself is a concept (Relative Measurement) and doesnot exist as opposed to Length, Weight which can be directly experienced. Hence we can only imagine travelling faster than light (to attempt to look into the past which is not possible)

Maybe a time! will come when Our intellect or senses indicate otherwise.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomic_clock

Note by Abhra Gupta
1 year, 5 months ago

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Time is but a stubborn illusion. A quote by Albert Eintein, during one of his sessions in University of Zurich. During this session he was giving lecture that, how can time be relative. One more fact that, our scientist received light impulses coming from a very far object and that was unimaginalbly far, roughly after 4000 years. That means we time travelled in a way, for that event. Well, some things are weird, but saying Time isn't real, is not weird. I have researched a lot about it..... Heavy massive boodies wrap spacetime around them, singularity nearly stops the time but do we have any body that wraps spacetime towards a negative direction.... if yes, then what could possibly happen : time would be fast as infinity... or anything else ?

Nikola Alfredi - 1 year, 5 months ago

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You have very beautifully explaind the term relative.

Although comparison between theories of general and special relativity explains these, I would like to hear more about your research on the effects of time by Heavy or experience from within Fast moving objects. If you have any links, you may share them.

In your example the light that originated from a star 4000 light years ago is seen by someone on earth. But we cannot revisit or re-observe the light that came from the star a few seconds ago. Unlike the fact that we can move back and forth in linear space or Distance. Maybe time is non linear, or non traversable. We can merely slow it down by a few years to the most in our lifetime if we travel in a sufficiently fast rocket. When a 4000 year old event is now experienced by us. Probably this is an example of the largest interaction space we have with the cosmos where we can experience events set apart by thousands of years. And we are yet to explore more to enrich human experience and discoveries.

Gravity has interesting warping effects of spacetime as you have mentioned. Till now we know the extremes are singularity which probably stops the experience of time relative to a faraway reference frame. But negative direction is still fiction as per human scientific discoveries. (I didnt quite get the meaning of "time would be fast as infinity") Maybe negative direction is as impossible as the possibility of travelling faster than light. But it is interesting to imagine.

After all, EXPLORATION - be it scientific, imagination or exchange of ideas, have always enriched human knowledge and perception.

Thanks for your time! in reading my post.

Abhra Gupta - 1 year, 5 months ago

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I like your thought, what I do is, play "Devil's Advocate" i.e saying an arguing statement that ignite people's thought and thus in return I get lots of ideas and some facts. Example : 2 + 2 = 4 but I would rather say 3, just to know why 3 isn't correct. I believe that there can never be a wrong thought, all the thouhgts matter because they are generated by Human Mind, due to vibrations, which create their own "attractors", some being fictional and some may be true but unknown to human.

I sum up all the ideas and then search about the reality ! The world is more thank we even think, the events are very definite : you can observe this in day to day life. A small example that when you try to observe a flower in this habitat why is it that only the pollen grains if same species can reproduce ? Or why haven't we been hit by asteroids even after so close encounters many times Everyting seems so co-ordinated and related in it's universal form i.e the ENERGY, FREQUENCY and VIBERATIONS.

If Science focused more on ENERGY, FREQUENCY and VIBERATIONS then would discover the world a lot faster
- said by Nikola Tesla.

I listen to the silence of nature to understand the world better, I look beyond the boundaries inco-operating all the laws, but at last I return to them and try to see how could they be related ? But my true journey hasn't began yet. I am in grade 10 and lack the knowledge of mathematical tools and advance science. But currently, I am collecting ideas to work upon.

There are many Theories that defy usual laws and define the "undefined" - eg : IUT (Teichmuller Theory) no one completely understands it ! But it is useful. And at last, a question, Why do we require time when we know it isn't fundamental ? My target is to unify everything.

I am sorry, if you imagined me something else, I am not clear about how the gravity and time are related. Now we have discovered that mass is not fixed (but scientists do not prefer this). By Einstein's Theory of relativity mass increases as we move at high speed but why should it ? We know about Higgs Boson. Less is the interaction , the less is the mass ! i.e the mass of every body (not stationary or moving constantly) is changing, i.e gravity is changing i.e time spacetime curvature is changed !

We see light, it speed is high because it's mass of photon is negligible OR it moves fast and interacts less with Higgs Field thus it's mass is less.

If the first statement is true then we can't travel at speed of 299792458 m s1299792458 \ m \ s^{-1} , but if the other statement is true then we can possibly travel at that speed !

What are your thoughts about it ? Do comment.

Nikola Alfredi - 1 year, 5 months ago

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@Nikola Alfredi

Its interesting to know you are in the 10th Grade and know so much about science in detail. I had access to internet but didnot have the privilege of sructured information over the internet like Wikipedias, Discussion Forums, Brilliant.org etc. in 1999 when I was in 10th Grade.

Its good to play "Devil's Advocate" as I agree it ignites new thoughts and opens new possibilities. Imagination is an excellent faculty of the human mind. But at a time I like to think about an idea or imagination from a particular perspective. Analyse it in detail. And then Analyse it from a different perspective (if required).

By perspective I mean to say that the thought process could be critically analysed or casually explored from a Physicist's point f view. Or a Philosopher's Point of view. Or a Sci-Fi Writer, Astronomer, Biologist, etc. If I mix up the perspectives, I will confuse myself. But its always healthy to discuss from any new point of view.

If thought process matches between two perspectives, thats okay, but otherwise we may realise their shortage of tools/concepts in that particular subject to sufficiently analyse or solve it. Which again may enrich that subject to include new rules or concepts. Which is where the experts in the subjects can put efforts to improve/modernise/enrich the subject.

“The world is more than we even think, “ – I fully agree but “the events are very definite” – may not be. The experience of an event may be definite but limited by our five senses and various (scientific) instruments invented by humanity. There may be more to be observed which we are overlooking with our limited tools of observation (Human or Instrument). For example we can predict from the brainwaves or signals what intensity of thought is happening in your head but we have very little clue about the details of what you are thinking.

“When you try to observe a flower in this habitat why is it that only the pollen grains if same species can reproduce ?” – It is because in most cases the biological code (Guided by DNA, Protein Molecules, Chemcal Signals “VIBRATIONS”) can only be decoded or stimulated with the Molecules/Chemicals of the same species. Otherwise cross breeding may evolve the species towards a less fortunate path. Also, you may have heard that Horses and Donkeys may have crossbreed offsprings Mule or Hinny. Which have perfectly healthy life but of course they may be a few steps backward from one of the biological parents – The Horse.

“Or why haven't we been hit by asteroids even after so close encounters many times” – It is because Jupiter absorbs most of these asteroids. And a few which have still made it to the Earth have caused at least calamities and some extinction events in the distant past. Life has found a new way to evolve. And now Humans. Meteorites now and then remind us that we have been lucky so far. Satellites (Artificial) and telescopes may detect an earth bound Extinction Level Body even as you are reading this.

Lets hope that the ENERGY, FREQUENCY and VIBRATIONS doesn’t knock us out from the face of the Solar System before you and I can in our lifetime contribute something substantial for Humankind.

Your Namesake Nikola Tesla may be an inspiration and I find this thought interesting. We have our own sense of greatness on this “Pale Blue Dot” called Earth as said by famous Astropysicist Carl Sagan. Earth is but a speck of dust in the vast expanse of the Milky Way, let alone the Superclusters or the Universe. But no matter who we are and how minute we are, we have left our mark on the Universe however small it may be. And it definitely matters to us.

“I am sorry, if you imagined me something else…“ – never worry about anything, no matter who you are, you know at least several things that any other Human Being doesnot. For example you may know how to make Grilled Chicken and Salad which I may not know but may be very interested. I keep an open mind to gather knowledge from anyone I feel is interesting. Like You.

You may have a look at the 3DVIZ puzzle I have posted on the Problems section of Brilliant.org

“We see light, it speed is high because it's mass of photon is negligible OR it moves fast and interacts less with Higgs Field thus it's mass is less. If the first statement is true then we can't travel at speed of 299792458 \ m \ s^{-1}299792458 m s−1, but if the other statement is true then we can possibly travel at that speed ! What are your thoughts about it ? Do comment.”

My Comments: Light has Wave Particle Duality – That means sometimes it behaves like a particle and sometimes it behaves as a wave depending on surrounding conditions. See below quick links for reference. Other better links may be available.

https://byjus.com/physics/particle-nature-light-photons/ https://students.ga.desire2learn.com/d2l/lor/viewer/viewFile.d2lfile/1798/12779/12PhysicsElectromagneticWavesandColors6.html

In Quantum physics, most of the theories cannot be experimentally proved because at the quantum level, there exists no physical instrument that can sufficiently or satisfactorily measure individual electrons, photons, bosons, tachyons, neutrons, protons, gluons etc. Quantum physics is thus majorly based on Theories based on Gross or Statistical Observations of a very large number of particles together. An example, an SEM (Scanning Electron Microsope) may render images of microscopic organisms with amazing clarity in the range of nanometers but is nowhere close in capturing images of a molecule. Let alone sub atomic particles.

Hence based on the theories of Quantum Physics you may get ambiguous statements like “travelling faster than light” or “an electron is leaving an empty space before re-entering it”. But as on date these are still as close as science fiction statements when it comes to the realm of experimentally proven science.

Ref: A Course in Quantum Mechanics by Nandita Rudra (Levant Books – Publishers) I had the privilege of discussing these above Theories on Quantum Mechanics with the author (a former faculty of Physics in a renowned University) in person.

If you would like to communicate over email where we can share ideas, concepts and links more easily, you can write with subject [Science Concepts 2020] at abhragupta(at)gmail.com

Regards, Abhra Gupta

Abhra Gupta - 1 year, 4 months ago

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It's cool, I would love to communicate over email. And thank you for all the DATA included in this post. It was a long post, I really appreciate the hard work. And I totally love it. :) Sending you an Introductory email.

Nikola Alfredi - 1 year, 4 months ago

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