Time Travel In The Past Is Not Possible

I want to share a thing I discovered myself. I found out that travelling in past is not possible.To understand my theory we need to know a paradox.The Grandfather Paradox. The Grandfather Paradox: Suppose you hate you grandpa and so you built a time machine and travel back to past when you grandpa was a child.Then you killed him.Now the paradox is that how can you exist in the future when your grandfather died? Solution: Solution could be easy with the concept of timelines.When you travel to the past and kill your grandpa you actually change your future and trap yourself in this timeline.You then can't go to your previous timeline. This has a explanation but what my theory is this: We now know that when we travel to past we change our timeline.Or more accurately we go to another universe with a different timeline.If we do so our previous universe will be left with some energy less.Cause we have some energy to work inside us.On the other contrary our new universe will have more energy than it did before.Which obviously does not abide by the law of Conservation Of Energy.Now you can say that what if we go to past without changing timeline? The answer is above in Grandfather paradox.Find out. Thanks To Brilliant though.I didn't find the topic in the list. I would hope that another topic on time travelling or special theory of relativity.And most importantly I need some highlight to expand my Thory!!

Note by Shuvodip Das
2 years, 5 months ago

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I think if you go back and kill your grandpa when he is child it is not cent percent true that you will not exist. May be you will born as a grandson to another grandpa. The reason is law of conservation of internal energy.

Ram Mohith - 2 years, 5 months ago

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However with another grandpa you have different genes, but you need your original grandpa genes

Mohammad Farhat - 2 years, 2 months ago

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Yes you got the right point as I wrote by killing my grandpa I change my future.As for I will not born for this grandpa.But I will born for other grandpa.The you are talking through the line of solution here.I will exist but I will exist changing my future you know being someone else's grandson.Keep those questions coming brother and you can share with the world helping me!✌✌

Shuvodip Das - 2 years, 5 months ago

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