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Tracking Progress on the Practice Maps

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Note by Star Light
2 years, 7 months ago

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  1. There is clear visual differentiation between completed and non-completed skills:

  2. We are thinking through the implications of having a "Completed Skills / Total skills". Ideally, the skill maps should be used as "let me find areas that I want to work on", instead of "I have to complete this work".
    Currently, I feel that it would be very demotivating for new members (or those who do not use practice) to see 0/9 in each chapter or 0/43 on each subtopic. Given that the skill maps are now used for wikis and even challenge problems written by others, I am less inclined to want to show the degree of practice completion.

Calvin Lin Staff - 2 years, 7 months ago

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Let me reply to you point-wise:

  1. For the first point: The differentiation exists when the mouse pointer does NOT hover over the icons. When the mouse hovers, the differentiation goes away - you get a "Take Quiz" for both states.

Hence, you need to introduce differentiation when the mouse pointer hovers over the icon.

2. As you said, skill maps should be used to "find areas that I want to work on".

I have mostly finished the first part of say, Algebra and Geometry (except for a few that I find difficult or dont want to work on). But everytime I re-visit the maps, I have to re-confirm this.

On a side note, we are talking about a very WIDE range of skills here. Questions on Brilliant range from the merely interesting to Olympiad / JEE level. With this wide a range of skills, it is next to impossible that everyone will be able to solve everything.

By quantifying what is obvious, you are more likely to encourage rather than discourage what is in any case an intelligent audience.

I could also argue, for the sake of argument, that the very existence of a site like Brilliant, with its ease of access to difficult content otherwise not found outside of Olympiads discourages people who are not good enought to solve those problems.

Star Light - 2 years, 6 months ago

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