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Triangular grid in cartesian plane!

Find the number of ways to from (0,0) to (8,8) in the right angled isosceles triangle forming the sides:

1) (0,0) to (8,0)

2) (8,0) to (8,8)

3) (0,0) to (8,8)

You can only go in positive vertical or horizontal directions(only integer co-ordinates). Diagonals are not allowed.

Bonus: Try to find the number of ways for a general case like (0,0) to (m,m)

Note by Saarthak Marathe
1 year ago

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Can we go up and sideways only from the integral values or from anywhere in between? Bhavya Sheth · 1 year ago

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@Bhavya Sheth Only integral values Saarthak Marathe · 1 year ago

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