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hey guys help me sought this type of problems

a boy standing on a ground and flying a kite with 120m of string at an elevation of 30 degree. Another boy standing on a roof of 14m high building and is flying a kite at an elevation of 45 degree. Both the boys are on opposite sides of kites. Find length of string that second boy must have so that two kites meet

Measures of interior angles of polygon taken in order of a polygon form AP. The least measurement is 85 degree and greatest is 215 degree. Find no of sides of polygon

Find the sum of those integers from 1 to 500 which are multiples of 2 or 5

If the co-ordinates of two points A and B are (3,4) and (5,-2). Find the co-ordinates of anypoint p, if PA=PB and area of triangle PAM=10 sq units

Note by Shubham Chaudhary
3 years, 10 months ago

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