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Truss Bridge

How to calculate the amount of weight load which can be lifted by truss bridge by specifying its height, width and length and also the width and length of the pillars used to make it?

Note by Sanjay Meena
4 years ago

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The load calculations will also require the strength of the material being used for making the bridge which will be different for steels, aluminiums, etc. We will also require the type of supports for truss. Kshitij Johary · 4 years ago

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I found this link useful.

http://classroom.westsidehsfaculty.org/webs/pcaggian/upload/calculatingtrussforces.pptx Sreejato Bhattacharya · 4 years ago

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Quite tough question! Please Help! Sanjay Meena · 4 years ago

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