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Pleaseee help:)

Two balls are on the earth's surface and are separated by l (see the picture). The second object is thrown with the same initial velocity v, the elevation angle of each of \(\alpha\) and \(\beta\). After experiencing a parabolic motion, the position of the two objects exchanged. If air friction ignored:

a. Determine the relative position of the ball A to B for each time t

b. Draw the path of ball A when viewed by the ball B

c. Determine the relative speed of ball A to B for each time t

d. Determine the angle between the relative velocity ball A to B with the relative position between the ball A against B for each time t

e. Determine the minimum distance between two objects when at least one of the objects is still in the air

Note by Dina Andini Sri Hardina
3 years ago

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