Two Features or say Problems

I find Two problems on Brilliant--

1>Tabs showing solved problems

This happens extensively in the "Started problems" section and to some extent in "Favourites" section.

I get too many tabs showing solved problems like this ---- Alt Alt

This causes the problem started 25-30 days back to get buried under about 40 such notification tabs.This demands you to scroll a lot to reach the problem and also to eventually forget about that started problem.

Thus it would be convenient if these solved problem tabs appeared in a different section like "Solved Problems" section.

2>Posting solution to any problem

The rule is that if I view the solutions, I cannot post my solution.(One doesn't want to post it as a comment !)

I don't understand why so ?

It should be that--when I have solved a problem, I view the solution by others and then post my solution if it differs from what others already have posted or is easier and elaborate than someone else's. This would-- stop the redundant solutions of the same kind...give way only to good solutions.

Note by Upendra Singh
7 years, 6 months ago

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Hi Upendra -

  1. Yes, we are working on making the solved problems more compact, and perhaps appearing only in a "solved problems" page.
  2. Currently, the process is: Solve the problem correctly, write your solution, and then view other the solutions of others and decide if yours helps the conversation. We don't want people posting solutions that are only slight edits of solutions written by others. Does that make sense?

Silas Hundt Staff - 7 years, 6 months ago

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First of all, Thanks for the reply !

  1. Its good to know that Brilliant is working on this one :-)

  2. Silas, you said that you don't want people posting solutions that are only slight edits of solutions written by others. But in fact this is what is happening !

Take a look at solution to this problem-

I have seen so many solutions which are all the same...only the wordings differ( I have mentioned them in my note as "redundant solutions" above). Current system invites redundancy.So has to read through all those about 20 solutions to find the best one.

I guess this is solved if--

You get the right to write the solution only if you've answered the problem correctly, which is presently the case, the only change being can view the solutions by others before you post your own. This will help you decide if your solution will further help...if yes you post it...if better is already there you don't post yours.

This in my view will stop repeated solutions and we'll have to go through less of them to find the best.


Upendra Singh - 7 years, 6 months ago

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