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Urgent - Physics (Need Help)

A homogeneous rod of length \(L\) and weight \(W\) leaned on a rough wall and also rough floor in a state that almost derailed. Find its coefficient of static friction.

Note by Jansen Wu
1 year ago

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since you wrote urgent , i tried to solve it as soon as i saw it , hope it helps, plz tell if my ans is correct or not, you can change my answer into other forms using trigonometry, tell if you have any problem, in second last step, one root is rejected as u can not be negative. reply as soon as possible!!!!

Brilliant Member · 1 year ago

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@Brilliant Member Thank you for your helping. I guess my answer was the same of yours. But then I wrote urgent because I just want to check if my answer is correct or not. Thank you so much. I appreciate your answer. Jansen Wu · 1 year ago

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