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Voting on notes

Since the Brilliant redesign, voting on notes is no longer possible. My guess is that the voting has been removed because the notes only appear in the feed and not in a list where they can be sorted on the amount of votes each note got.

I think voting on notes should come back. Here's why:

  • Voting on notes is a great (and easy) way to show your appreciation.

  • If users can vote on feature requests, the staff can easily see how many users like the idea, helping them to decide if they should implement it or not.

  • It would allow the staff to reintroduce a notes-only page, where we can browse notes by tags, votes and how recently they've been posted.

Sometimes I come to Brilliant.org to solve problems, sometimes I come to see what the community is up to and to interact with them. Since the redesign, it's become a lot harder to do the latter.

Note by Tim Vermeulen
3 years ago

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votes up Sotiri Komissopoulos · 3 years ago

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@Sotiri Komissopoulos "Alright everyone, if you like my note, then vote up Sotiri's comment!" Tim Vermeulen · 3 years ago

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Hey Tim, we need to think on this one some more. In the meanwhile, I wanted to thank you for the feedback! It's really helpful to receive a steady stream of well-written, thoughtful feedback from our users. Suyeon Khim Staff · 3 years ago

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@Suyeon Khim Suyeon, I'm glad you listen to your users and take the time to reply. I'll keep sharing notes if there's more that I think can be improved. Tim Vermeulen · 3 years ago

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@Tim Vermeulen Thanks Tim! Suyeon Khim Staff · 3 years ago

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