Was the NASA moon landing faked?

HI there,

I love conspiracy theories, so I’m gonna start posting them.

Ok, one of my favourite ones is the NASA moon landing conspiracy theory. Some believe that it was faked with people filming and a few actors. Some even say that witnesses were even murdered, just to beat Russia or whatever to the moon.

First clue:

The flags waves when placed onto the moon.

For those people who know a bit about space, there is hardly any gravity so the wave shouldn’t be moving at all.

Second clue:

No crater was visible when they landed.

If NASA actually landed the rocket onto the moon, there would’ve been quite a big crater from the landing. However, from all the photographs and video footage, there has been no sign of any crater.

Third clue:

There were more than one light source.

When comparing the photo and video evidence, some people found that the shadows kept changing directions. We all know that there should be only one light source, the sun ☀️, so how did the shadows change directions?

Fourth clue:

The lack of stars ⭐️.

We are all pretty sure that there are billions or trillions of stars out there. However, not one start can be seen in any of the photos. It just black and nothingness.

Anyways, i hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to comment or reply whatever you’re thinking of, and if i missed something good, comment it down and i’ll edit this post.

Note by Annie Li
3 weeks, 2 days ago

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There are good explanations for all of them, but I don't think you're interested in hearing any. For example, why aren't the stars visible? It's pretty difficult for a video camera, especially in those days, to pick up any stars at all when it has to be adjusted to very bright light conditions. Stars are extremely faint compared to daytime bright scenes. Any experienced videographer would know about this. Even with a regular camera this can be difficult.

Michael Mendrin - 3 weeks, 1 day ago

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Coming to the flag, actually it should float in the space as there is no gravity in space. But the flag is positioned frimly on the surface of the moon and also one end of the flag is tied to the flag pole. So naturally wave type of compressions will form on the flag because one end is free and one end is fixed.

Ram Mohith - 2 weeks ago

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Also, when we take the photograph of a star they appear pin pointed which is hardly visible.

Ram Mohith - 2 weeks ago

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