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Weekend Wiki Party 8 - Trigonometry

Welcome to week 8 of the wiki weekend series. Thanks to your contributions from previous wiki weekend parties, we have collectively made hundreds of edits to wiki pages and helped Brilliant's 1,000,000+ FB followers learn, collaborate, and solve problems together!

This week, we are building out our Trigonometry chapter.

To participate, just jump in and write something on one of the following pages, and then leave a comment to let us know that you contributed. To guide you in crafting the wikis, we have included section outlines, identities in need of proofs, and examples in need of solutions. We need your help to replace the many "???" throughout these wikis with your Brilliant proofs and solutions. Or feel free to add a new section or submit your own example. Every contribution helps!

Note: as a reminder, Brilliant has to follow U.S. copyright laws, so we would ask that you only submit original content to the Brilliant wikis (i.e., we can't accept content or images copied from elsewhere). Thanks!

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