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What are

What are the bonds present in \(\ce{NaOH} \)?

Note by Shashidhar 123
1 year ago

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The bond between \(Na\) and \(O\) will be ionic in nature due to the greater electronegativity difference between the two and also due to the low Ionization Enthalpy of \(Na\) and high electron affinity of \(O\). The bond between \(O\) and \(H\) will be a polar covalent bond according to the Fajan's Rule as the size of \(H\) is very small and the electrons are pulled more towards \(O\) as it has greater electronegativity.

When \(NaOH\) is dissolved in \(H_2 O\) it dissociates into \(Na^+\) and \(OH^-\) ions, thus showing that ionic bond breaks in a polar solvent like \(H_2 O\) while covalent bond does not. Tapas Mazumdar · 11 months, 3 weeks ago

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