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what do you think of "ALMA"

world's largest space observatory ALMA opened today in chile do you think it would be able to find answers to some basic questions like "do life exists on other planets?"

Note by Snehdeep Arora
4 years ago

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Can anyone tell us what physics and astronomy ALMA is actually supposed to explore? David Mattingly Staff · 4 years ago

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@David Mattingly i don't know what it is supposed to explore but it discovered something already!! A monster starburst galaxy with the brightness of 40 trillion Suns located at an unimaginable distance of some 12.7 billion light years.Light which was seen by ALMA started when the Universe was just a billion years old!! Snehdeep Arora · 4 years ago

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it may explore the unexplored things in space till now humans dont know Pgv Vishal · 4 years ago

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ya,i think it would be useful if they take much efforts to do so....... Pradeep Ravichandran · 4 years ago

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