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What does this equation mean?

My grandfather got me this T-shirt as a present; however no one seems to know what the equation represents. The only clue is that it's from CERN. Do any of you guys know it?

Note by Ariel Gershon
5 months ago

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I searched what it was and this what physicists call a Langragian equation. Lilia Bouayed · 5 months ago

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@Lilia Bouayed Yes, you're right! I found it; it's called the Lagrangian of the Standard Model. Thanks! http://www.quantumdiaries.org/2011/06/26/cern-mug-summarizes-standard-model-but-is-off-by-a-factor-of-2/ Ariel Gershon · 5 months ago

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This equation may be related with quantum mechanics and possibly connect with Schrödinger's equation. I'm not exactly sure what it means, but I would search a list if I were you. I may even search it myself and report it back to you. Lilia Bouayed · 5 months ago

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