What is Strange Matter?

Neutron Stars are the densest thing in the universe that are not black holes . In there core we may find the dangerous substance in existence: Strange Matter, a bizarre thing so extreme that it bends the rules of the universe, and it could infect and destroy everything it come in contact with or it could teach us about how the whole universe began, or maybe both. This is the lead for the dangerous substance we need to learn first the rules before we learn how they can be broken.Protons and neutrons, that particles making up the nuclei of atoms, are made up from smaller particles called quarks. Quark really don't want to be alone, there are connected by Gluon, also they all called confined. If you try to separate them but the harder you pull, the harder they try to pull themselves back together. If you use lots of energy they will use this energy to create new quarks. They are come in may different types, but only two appear to make stable matter: UP quark and DOWN quark found in protons and neutrons all the other like: Charm quark, Strange quark, top quark, and bottom quark seems to decay quickly. All the quark come shoulder to shoulder dissolve and melt into like a bath of quarks but only inside a neutron stars, Lots and lots of uncountable quarks becomes one giant thing made of purely from quark: Quark matter. Star that are made from this are called quark star, but in the outside it look like a regular neutron star. If the pressure inside a quark star is great enough, it start to get stranger, really. In the core of these neutron stars some quark turn to strange quark. Strange quark are heavier, and also, stronger. Strange matter is perfectly dense, perfectly stable, indestructible. So stable it may exist outside of neutron stars, if this is the case, we have a problem. Strange matter can be infectious. If a strange matter touches anything it will turn to strangle matter also. Protons and neutron will decay and turn to a bath of quarks also. The only why to destroy it is to throw it into a black hole but who cares. But when neutrons collide with each other or black holes. They spew up tremendous amount of their inside, which some can include droplets called strangelets. Strangelets are as dense as the core of a neutron stars. They could be very small or, subatomic, but even the largest will not be as large as a rocket. They will drift for many of years, but when it find a star of a planet it will turn it to strange matter. But is a strangelet hit the sun it will turn to a strange star. This will not chance the sun mass, but earth will freeze to death, in other words decay.


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