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Wher did the dollar go?

Once,three men went to a restaurant.Their bill was $25 and each of them paid $10 each. The waiter took the money to the cashier and brought back $5. Since the money couldn't be shared equally among them,he gave $1 to each man and took $2 as a tip. Now, each man paid 9 dollars, which takes 27 plus two (from waiter) = $29. $30-$29=$1.

Where did the dollar go?

Note by Joshik Sravan
1 year, 1 month ago

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It is true that each person paid $9. So, totally they paid $27 out which $25 was taken by the hotel manager ( or whoever takes the money ) and $2 was taken by the waiter. $2 + $25 = $27. There is no mystery at all. Adding up the money gained by the waiter and the money paid by the people gives nothing but thier difference gives you the money taken by the hotel. Brilliant Member · 1 year, 1 month ago

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