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Where can I get to solve C and C++ language problems?

Hi..I am Sushmita. Can I get to practice more of C and C++ language problems instead of Python language ?? Or where can I get to practice them ? I was never taught Python language so I am not too familiar with it.

Note by Sushmita Gangalapadu
3 years, 1 month ago

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Indeed, the problems in Brilliant.org are open for all languages. You don't have to solve them with Python but it is nice to post a solution with Python instead of other languages (note that Python is the easiest language for most people and it is mainly focused on Brilliant.org).

There are many C / C++ tutorial when you search it on Google like C Tutorial and C++ Tutorial.

To kick start the practice, Brilliant.org is well enough. For challenging one, you can search more about "Competitive Programming". Ammar Fathin Sabili · 3 years ago

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i made this problem based on c++ language https://brilliant.org/community-problem/an-interesting-problem-102/?group=fFPS13Kbo1lV Kevin Hikari · 3 years ago

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@Kevin Hikari Hey, I was just solving the question but got stuck. Is there any theorem or something for reducing \({ a }^{ { b }^{ c } }\quad mod\quad d\) to something easily computable? Lokesh Sharma · 3 years ago

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@Lokesh Sharma yes there is, something called "divide and conquer" , and you also need some basic programming Kevin Hikari · 3 years ago

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@Kevin Hikari maybe this can help a^4 = (a^2)^2 . a^5 = (a^2)^2 * a Kevin Hikari · 3 years ago

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