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Within an atom

Is it necessary for mass of positive part of atom (protons ) equal to sum of mass of negative part of an atom (electrons) ? If yes then why , if no then why ? If there must be a charge balance between positive and negative part of an atom , there must be mass balance too . Isn't it ? you must be thinking about momemtum conservation right ? but protons move too inside a nucleus i.e. have certain velocity . Since there are many protons in a multi-proton atoms , the effect must add up . Right ?

Any type of idea/thought will be highly appreciated :)

Note by Zero Infinity same time
1 month ago

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No, it isn't necessary and it isn't the case. All that matters is for the arrangement to be stable, energetically. The atom will tend to be nearly neutral charge wise, but this also isn't a requirement (see: ions).

Josh Silverman Staff - 1 week, 3 days ago

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