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Work Done!

You lift a 450 N bag of rice 1.2 metres and carry it a distance of 10 metres to the kitchen. How much work is done?

Note by Ashley Shamidha
11 months ago

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W=F.S Cos(theta)

We have to know the 'THETA' Which is point of application of force

In this case, Only Force and displacement , there is no use of length of sack

Simply if we take W=F.S and Cos180°= (-1) So,W=450x 10x (-1) =(-4500) Adarsh Mahor · 11 months ago

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@Adarsh Mahor Hiii mi Narayan...how is it Narayan Palsikar · 10 months, 3 weeks ago

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Zero Mohit Gupta · 11 months ago

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450*1.2 Khairul Azman · 11 months ago

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Work done will be zero as the angle between force (in verticle direction against gravity) and displacement (if kitchen is in same horizontal plane) is 90. Aman Dubey · 11 months ago

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Where is the kitchen located relative to where the rice was? Calvin Lin Staff · 11 months ago

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@Calvin Lin John weighing 40 kg claimbs up a staircase of 20 steps,each of 16 cm height, in 20 seconds. Find the power generated by him. Ashley Shamidha · 10 months, 4 weeks ago

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